Wednesday, June 25, 2008

name that creepy monster

I always wondered who the poor schmucks were who had to dress up in these costumes and where the closet was that stored them. I always thought Sigmund was the sea monster. Johnnie Whitaker was Sigmund?! I think my whole sense of reality has just skewed. I never actually got to watch HR Pufnstuf because in my market it was on Sunday mornings AFTER dad came home from priesthood meeting. WHILE he was at priesthood meeting Batman was on. We'd have to be sure to listen for his car pullling into the garage and turn it off and pretend we were asleep. He'd walk in and feel the top of the tv to see if it was warm. Busted!!

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Betty Grace said...

If there's one thing I think is really cool- it's Sleestack! That was good TV. I have a fantasy to be one of those people in a goofy costume on TV.