Thursday, December 4, 2008

this kills me

I imagine this being said in a loud Charles Nelson Riley voice.

And on another note, may I just say that I turned on network television for the first time in a while last night looking for the beloved Rakin-Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special that I thought was going to be on. Instead it was The Rockefeller Center lighting of the Christmas tree (probably called a holiday tree now) holiday special. Except for Harry Connick Jr. who actually sang instead of lip-syncing his songs, and an appearance by Kermit and Miss Piggy, I was horrified. I couldn't stop thinking about the great and spacious building. It was all so uber fake and commercial it made me a rather queezy. All these people "celebrating Christmas" just to sell their crap-o-la. The coup de gras was Beyonce singing Ave Maria in a dress with a neckline down to her navel and lip gloss that you could see the reflection of the camera in. Hello!! And teenage boys singing about how all they want for Christmas is a new girlfreind? Barf! I must be getting old. I guess I don't mind so much that my new hd hook-up doesn't work so well. I'm sticking with netflix and I guess I'll just have to break down and buy all the good old Christmas specials on dvd.


that girl jen and the boy said...

i feel your pain...
i watched the lighting of the great tree in the square as well and was equally confused. BUT i really liked beyonce's lip gloss and now want to purchase said gloss. so i suppose mission accomplished with the whole commercialism of the show. as for the rest of the show, it was beyond lackluster and i think even pre- recorded. i will say the best part of the show was my 18 month old dancing with the rockettes, but you would have had to had a front row seat on my sofa for that!! ;)
in any case, season's greetings.

L & H & Q & E said...

We *do not* watch television. It's crap. (That's not overly articulate, but pretty accurate!) I'm with you -- I own a lot of DVDs and am a weekly Netflix customer.

You're welcome to borrow our vintage Christmas DVDs, btw. Catherine is terrified of them and, when I watch them through the eyes of a 4 year-old, I can see why.