Monday, July 7, 2008

kindred spirit

I wore this t-shirt out and about running errands the other day. The title of it is, "When Dinosaurs Ruled the World". I think it's hilarious. Waiting in line at the grocery store an about 8 yr old kid in front of me turned and said,"Hey, I like your shirt.". I looked and noticed that he was wearing a shirt with a dinosaur on it too. "Like yours too.", I said. He then proceeded to show me the big plastic articulated dinosaur he was holding and his little brother showed me his shirt too. Awesome. I have similar experiences when I wear my Grover from Sesame Street t-shirt. Little kids look up at you and give you the biggest grins you ever saw. Highly recommended.

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Betty Grace said...

that's so cool! Maybe you can make a t-shirt of your "emotional turtle" design? :)