Sunday, April 13, 2008

St. Greg and St. Paul to St. Croix

If you haven't read the book below yet about Greg Mortensen, READ IT NOW! Awesome. Very inspiring and educational as far as the whole middle east situation is concerned. Education is the key to the conflict over there. Finished it while I was in the booming metropolis of Osceola, Wisconsin on a press check this week. I go there a few times a year. The trip actually went better than I thought and I was able to spend some down time strolling through an antique store and watching a girls high school softball game. It's a pretty drive to get there from St. Paul on a scenic byway along the St. Croix river. Luckily, I also avoided hitting any deer, racoons, or possums with my rented burnt orange Saturn Vue while traversing it for the first time in the dark:)

May I also stake this time to say how much I love NOT doing my own taxes! I wrote my accountant a check today and seriously almost cried for joy. It's a pleasure to pay them.

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Betty Grace said...

Hey JP, we missed you this evening. I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for the book recommendation. I've almost exhausted the Steve Martin collection and am ready to branch out. :)