Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

This is my dad and today is his 73rd birthday. Hard to believe I know. Try going out in public with him and being asked if you're his wife. I've had boyfriends that looked older than he does. I love my dad and would be proud to be related to him in anyway and consider it a great gift to call him my friend. My brother has been doing some work in Washington, D.C. lately so on his last trip he hit the George Washington University (Dad's law school alma mater) bookstore and got Dad a sweatshirt, tie, and baseball cap. He was thrilled but thankfully promised not to wear them all at the same time. That choice that he and my mother made over forty years ago to leave their hometown, be the first of his siblings to attend college much less graduate school, and spend a few years in our nation's capitol had a profound effect on not just him, but on his family and people he hadn't even met yet—namely my brothers and sister and me. Going to college wasn't even a question for us. We all wanted to go and three of us have Master's degrees. It also gave them a maturity and a bond in their new marriage that served as a foundation for the years to come. Thanks Dad for all the sacrifices you made for me and being someone I can look-up to and still laugh with.


Betty Grace said...

Nice post. He is a handsome guy!

We missed you at tennis -AGAIN

L&H&Q said...

Happy Birthday to Bennett! He *is* a cool guy and we're glad to know both of you!

So glad you started a blog and can share stuff like this!

charrette said...

Umm..I've been asked if I'm my 71-year-old dad's wife too! (As my mom would say, "That's not my favorite compliment." :)

But it's SO COOL to have dads who are young-looking and young at heart.