Thursday, May 15, 2008

some recent-ish work

Here's some stuff I've done in the last few months. This first one was for an article in a BYU economy review magazine about the persistence of poverty. Part of it appeared on the cover as well.

Next are some product concept illustrations for marshmallow Peeps products to potentially be seen next Easter at a dollar store near you. My favorite was the jelly bean pooping Peep that they actually requested, but then were revolted by. If any of you know where they guy has gone who still owes me money on this one please let me know.

The last one is an identity for a plumbing outfit up in Montana. I'm off to Mesa Verde today and will hopefully have some awesome pics to post next week!


Betty Grace said...

those are amazing! almost makes me want to eat peeps--almost.

charrette said...

Nice work! LOVE the hilarious pooping bunny!

Word to the wise: NEVER accept a job from anyone who can't/won't give you half down!

I WANT that BYU illustration (but not the accompanying poverty!) :)